marian nowacki
Marian Nowacki for President of PNA


Together we will rebuild the PNA grandeur and we will make our logo one of the most recognizable logos in the world.
"Communicate Educate and Sell."



Lodge 3275 of the Polish National Alliance
7453 N. Sheridan Rd.
St # 1A
Chicago, IL 60626
Ph: 773-282-2222
Fax: 773-681-0073

Why vote for Marian?

Because Marian will:

1) Move forward to make the necessary changes, having recognized that the PNA has been stagnant for years now;

2) Provide leadership to ensure that the mission, ethical values, and core guiding principles of the PNA are put into practice;

3) Set goals and see to their implementation;

4) Always be honest, loyal, and never betray your trust;

5) Use his experience in areas that are the most in need to be presently addressed by the PNA: LEADERSHIP, MARKETING, PROMOTION, AND SALES;

6) Know how to make decisions;

7) Lead the executive management team to be more effective in finding solutions to business challenges, thereby establishing credibility throughout the organization and its Board;

8) Display his fantastic personality in working with the team;

9) Be helpful, generous, and charitable;

10) Work with you to bring prosperity and new future for the PNA and its members;

11) Make the PNA a widely recognizable brand;

12) Display and promote the PNA logo like never before;

13) Request all members to proudly wear the PNA logo;

14) Offer assistance and assign priority to each and every need throughout the entire US wherever we encounter PNA members displaying our logo; and

15) Offer cooperation and mutual assistance in finding jobs, creating jobs, and promoting education at every level.